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Savior Black Heeled Shoes
Savior Black Heeled Shoes

In our next article, our topic is almost everyone's number one choice and easy, black heeled shoes that can be combined with any color. Black heels, which are one of the most popular among the high-heeled shoes with more than one type, can be said to be a savior due to its color. If you already use it, you know, but if you do not use black heels, we are sure that you will use it after our article and you will look great.
Now, let's briefly list the things you can use black heels with a few places and combinations. First of all, if you are going into an office, a meeting or any formal environment, black is really a nice color to choose, and therefore it will be very appropriate to wear black heels while making your combination. You are ready after you wear the black heeled shoes that you choose by paying attention to the pattern, texture and heel size according to the fabric and color of the things you wear. Even in formal environments, you can be very stylish with black heels without making much effort. Black high heels, which you can use with normal skirts, pencil skirts and dresses, are also compatible with many colors: black, red, white, leopard print or more… Whatever you look for!
Apart from this, if you want to catch sporty elegance and you will prefer trousers due to the seasons, black high-heeled shoes come to your rescue. Black high-heeled shoes, which revive even an ordinary combination and make it eye-catching, become very stylish when combined with jeans (jeans) and fabric trousers for a softer look. As you can see, let's continue our article about black high heels, which have many beautiful aspects.
Now, let's end our article with a few small suggestions. If you choose to wear black pointed-toe heels, your legs will appear longer than they are, thus making you look taller than usual. But if you have wide feet, we can say the opposite because when you wear black high heels with pointed toes, your feet will get stuck and make you uncomfortable. Instead, we recommend choosing black heeled shoes with rounded toes. If you have thick ankles, we recommend that you do not buy black heels on the ankle this time. Because attention will be directed to your wrists and they will look thicker.
Your combinations will be uniquely beautiful with the black color, which will look very beautiful in every shoe model. In particular, a black dress worn with the thought of making it look weak and your choice of black high heels will create a whole and will be a simple but beautiful look. Black high-heeled shoes will serve as a great shoe to accompany your elegant dress at your graduation, next to your office elegance, whether you want a sports combination with a leather jacket or a skirt and trousers!
When you read all our articles carefully and buy a black heeled shoe, be sure that you will shine with that shoe!

The Art of Using Platform Shoes Correctly
The Art of Using Platform Shoes Correctly

When it comes to choosing stylish and comfortable shoes, we all think of platform shoes. We women do not like a platform shoe model just because it increases comfort and height. Its noble stance and the air it adds to the clothes cannot be compared with anything. At the same time, being at the top of trend lists is enough to increase its value even more. Of course, when you think of platform shoes, you should not only think of heels. There are also shoes with thick soles made of cork, rubber, wood and plastic.
With What Should We Combine Platform Heeled Shoes?
We can say that platform shoes are very stylish and ideal for keeping our feet protected from the ground. Do you remember the years 2015-2016? How often he appeared before us with his iconic designs in the fashion world. This became even clearer with the fact that he was redefining himself. These designs were living their golden age in the 60s, 70s and 80s.
• Summer days are coming. You can add matching bags with your outfits to create a contrast and trendy look in your shoes. Floral prints can look great with colorful dresses. Consider one of these open-toe platform shoes.
• When you go out with the platform shoes you have chosen, you should make sure that the sole is not too narrow in order to wear them comfortably without further damaging your feet. If you want something easier on your feet, try going for smaller platform shoes and cork soles with breathable fabric. This way you will feel lighter.
• You may be planning to use more comfortable platform shoes as office shoes. You can get a sophisticated look by pairing it with pants, blazers and t-shirts. You can also achieve the perfect look without having to add a blazer or wear multiple pieces together.
• You can get great combinations by using sandals, one of the midi-length skirt and platform shoe models, especially in spring and summer. This will make your legs look longer than they are. It also makes your body look slimmer. You can also pair pleated midi skirts, platform shoes with a shorter crop to accentuate your body and make it look beautiful.
• You can combine one of the platform shoe models with culottes, that is, loose-fitting, short-legged trousers, which are the newest and most popular trousers model of recent times.
• Don't forget the wide leg and high waist trousers. If you intend to buy yourself a brand new trousers for the spring-summer season, you can choose this trousers model. You also have the chance to show your height taller with the platform shoes you will wear underneath.
• Isabel Marant designs are the first to come to mind when it comes to hidden heel sneakers. You can use models similar to these designs with peace of mind. Thus, it is possible to capture both a sporty and a very stylish style.

Stiletto Tips You Can Wear Without Pain
Stiletto Tips You Can Wear Without Pain

Everyone knows that stiletto shoes are indispensable. Stiletto shoes, which have become a lifestyle for business women, can make you feel stylish and attractive from the moment they are worn. However, the feeling of pain while wearing it can overshadow the love of stilettos. Well, can a stiletto shoe be both stylish and comfortable? Here are the tricks of being comfortable with stiletto shoes…
You Must Know Your Foot Shape
The most important thing to consider when buying stiletto shoes is that you know your foot shape well. Because choosing a stiletto shoe that does not fit your foot shape can cause swelling in your feet. This makes your whole day a nightmare. Stiletto shoe models have long and pointed toe models, as well as softer and oval models. If you have a scalloped foot structure, you can start to benefit from these tricks. Thus, you can find and use stiletto shoe models in more comfortable conditions.
Must Have a Solid Skeleton
Another important factor in the use of healthy shoes is to choose shoes with solid heels. Because stiletto shoe models can be easily deformed due to their naive structure. You should be careful to buy products from brands that you are sure are produced with quality materials. It will allow you to use your shoes for a longer time.
Make sure the material is original
While shopping for shoes, everyone first checks whether the model you choose is comfortable. So, how many people might be interested in the material from which the shoes are made? Genuine leather shoes are more convenient in terms of flexibility. It has a share in the longevity of shoes. Today, shoes with artificial leather content can be preferred because they are generally affordable. However, although it may seem logical in the short term, it can cause unhealthy results in the long term due to the chemicals they contain. With the sweating experienced in the feet, the chemicals in the artificial leather pass into the body. Therefore, the stiletto shoes to be preferred must be made of genuine leather that allows the feet to breathe.
How to Wear?
We can say that the most annoying stiletto shoe pain is the pain of hitting the foot when it is new. You can get help from the blow dryer to open your narrow and hard products. You can expand the blow dryer that you will open at the hottest temperature by holding it towards the bottom part and shaping it with your hand.
Another difficulty of stiletto shoe models is that the soles are slippery. When you file the bottom before wearing it, you will prevent problems such as slipping and injury.
If you are wearing with or without thin socks, you should roll-on the parts that hit the foot. So you can have a more comfortable experience. Standing on it for long periods of time can cause painful injuries to your soles. In order to prevent this situation, you can prevent this situation by placing suitable insoles or silicone pads. Insoles provide great relief to your feet.

Spend a Stylish and Comfortable Day with Heeled Slippers
Spend a Stylish and Comfortable Day with Heeled Slippers

High-heeled slipper models are popular this year, as in every summer. High heels are a woman's best savior. It can be difficult to choose the one that suits you best among so many models. But of course you don't have only one option. Opportunities to discover styles, patterns, colors and many more high-heeled slippers are waiting for you.

Heeled slippers are among the most preferred choices of women who attach great importance to their elegance but never compromise on their comfort. Especially if a shoe image is added to this model, it will be indispensable for women looking for more elegance. Heeled slippers, which resemble shoes and cover the upper part of the foot more, are one of the indispensable trends of the summer seasons. If you want to have these high-heeled slippers models and with which clothes you want to combine, take a look at the rest of the article.

Are High-Heeled Slippers As Comfortable As They Look?

Heeled slippers models can be in the comfort of shoes. It is obvious that it provides a lot of comfort, especially for the summer months. In addition, if these high-heeled slippers become wedge-heeled slippers, it can be revealed that they will be both stylish and comfortable. The padded heeled slippers models are one of the most comfortable high-heeled slippers on the market.

Heeled slippers models are a great option for women who refuse to go anywhere with flat shoes or flat slippers, and women who do not prefer to wear slippers with thin heels. This is because it provides an even distribution of body weight. Thus, you do not try to maintain your balance in high-heeled slippers.

2021 Trend Heeled Slippers Models

Heeled slippers models that keep up with the current fashion continue to impress. The models, which differ according to their soles and heels, are both stylish and do not disturb the comfort of the feet. There are many options in high-heeled slipper models that appeal to people of all ages. These high-heeled slippers can offer women more comfort than closed models. These models, which provide freedom and comfort on your feet, can provide elegance without disturbing your comfort even in the heat of summer.

After being so popular, many different models continue to be produced on the market. It is offered to you from thin-heeled slippers that you can use even under your evening dresses, to varieties that you can wear while going to the beach.

Combination Suggestions with Heeled Slippers

You may have seen that high-heeled slipper models have become the trend of recent times. High-heeled slipper combinations are indispensable for women in the summer season.

You can create a very comfortable combination with high-heeled slippers. If you wish, you can easily use these heeled slippers in your sports combination models or classic combinations. You can create a perfect harmony and atmosphere by combining it with short tops, denim jackets and trousers or with your dresses. Moreover, high-heeled slippers, which are as comfortable as sneakers, can be used with peace of mind from night parties to going to the shopping mall.

Women's Indispensable Passion: Heeled Stiletto Shoes
Women's Indispensable Passion: Heeled Stiletto Shoes

Heeled stiletto shoes, which were born from the hands of an Italian designer starting in the 19th century, were used as a status indicator of bourgeois European women in the early periods. The higher the heel of a woman who wore heeled stiletto shoes, the higher the status of the wearer was considered. However, today, it is an indispensable part of all kinds of women's shoes in the group of women's shoes. There is one heeled stiletto shoe in the options of women appealing to all ages and tastes.
Pioneers of the Season
Now, let's talk about the most popular and preferred heeled stiletto shoes of the new season. Judging by the color preferences, color, black and beige colors continue to dominate. We can see that these colors are mostly preferred with evening dresses. Heeled stiletto shoe models, which are combined with daytime and daily clothes, are chirpy and bright colors suitable for summer colors. Especially in the high-heeled stiletto shoe models, which are preferred by women in office life, shiny, leather-surfaced ones produce more elegant results.
Complementary to Every Outfit
It can be seen that in recent years, street fashion touches have started to become widespread in high-heeled stiletto shoe models, which are considered to be a very assertive outfit complement. While there are stone embroideries in high-heeled stiletto shoes that accompany evening dresses, we can say that they are decorated with simple and less details among the models preferred during the daytime.
Heeled stiletto shoes, the best complement to skirts and fabric trousers, especially evening dresses, have recently started to be seen in street fashion with jeans and shorts. This shows that women's passion for high-heeled stiletto shoes is increasing day by day.
Thinness, which is a symbol of naivety, comes together in the heel and toe parts of heeled stiletto shoe models, providing integrity. You may also want to have a noble appearance. You may want to feel more stylish and masculine in almost any environment. You can express your style by choosing high-heeled stiletto shoes.
It's Very Easy To Prevent Your Shoes From Slipping
We will give you a few suggestions to prevent your shoes from slipping. It is inevitable to come across this situation, especially in high-heeled stiletto shoes.
• If you are using one of the high-heeled stiletto shoe models, you can stick an anti-slip cloth on the sole to prevent it from slipping.
• While heeding this recommendation, apply knowing that the sole of the shoe will never be restored. Get a sandpaper that will help make the sole of the heeled stiletto shoe model rough. Press firmly and rub into the base. Be careful not to do this frequently and constantly. It may cause you to destroy the base. Once you're convinced it's rough enough, just rubbing it back and forth a few times will suffice.
• This roughness on the sole will help you to walk more easily on slippery and icy surfaces.

Creating Wonders with Stiletto
Creating Wonders with Stiletto

In today's world, stiletto shoes are the indispensable style of women. Models starting with 5 cm stilettos go up to 15 cm. These shoes are among the most preferred models due to their comfort and convenience. Stiletto heels are more preferred to provide a stylish look. Today, we will talk about the combinations you can make with this perfect shoe model with 5 cm stilettos and the tricks you should pay attention to when buying.
Where Can I Wear Stiletto Shoes?
Stiletto shoe models, which are among the indispensables of women, continue to attract all attention with their stylish and flawless appearance. You can easily wear this shoe model at weddings, events or special occasions. For those who cannot give up their elegance and want to move freely at the same time, we recommend you to choose the 5 cm stiletto model. The reason for this is that as you get taller, depending on your foot structure, you may experience burning and pain in the future. It can lead to health problems, especially if you choose to wear it every day. Therefore, if you prefer both shorter and thicker heels, it will be more comfortable for you.
We recommend using short heels with chunky heels, especially if you think you're tall. 5 cm stilettos may not always look modern. tall and thin heels provide a more modern look. However, this will vary depending on your outfit style. So take into account that he has thick heels with a 5 cm stiletto.
There are a few points to consider when buying stilettos.
Yes, our topic was 5 cm stiletto models. Get 5 cm stilettos or more. These suggestions will be helpful to you.
• As with every shoe, the point to be considered while buying a 5 cm stiletto is your foot structure. Although shoes suitable for every foot type are produced, this is not possible with stilettos. Wearing high heels feels like torture, especially if you have scalloped and wide feet. In this case, 5 cm stilettos can be activated.
• If you want to buy open toe shoes and you are not satisfied with these shoes, you should buy specially produced gel shoe pads. These pads will ensure that you are both comfortable and that your shoes do not come off your feet. With the 5 cm stiletto, you will exhibit an even more comfortable stance.
• Dress cheating is something that almost every woman needs. Nude stilettos make your legs look longer. At the same time, black stilettos provide the same dexterity when worn with black thin socks. You may know these, but I am sure how useful it will be for those who do not. If you can't stop wearing high heels but can't wear very long shoes, a 5 cm stiletto is just for you.

How to Choose Platform Heeled Shoes?
How to Choose Platform Heeled Shoes?

Platform heels are products that offer women the opportunity to look taller and at the same time decorate your special nights with elegance. Women go through many different filters when choosing the most suitable platform heels for them. Which platform heels suit which dress? Such questions are asked very often. The answers to these questions are still within the women themselves.
Platform Heeled Shoes and Pants Combination
Ladies who prefer platform heels with trousers instead of dresses should take care that their trouser legs cover the platform heels. The model you will use to increase the height should look whole with the legs, but at the same time, it should ensure that the trousers come down to the floor. If your preference will be a skirt, you can choose tan platform heels. This makes you look taller. In general, choosing products that can be worn for a long time will contribute to both your budget and use.
Ankle Platform Platform Heels
Platform heels are among the best shoes that can be preferred for engagements, weddings and cocktail parties. This type of product, which is tied at the wrist and prevents it from coming out even if your feet are sweaty, will take on the role of the savior of the night. At the same time, you will look more elegant and stylish thanks to the thin belt that wraps around your wrist. You can choose clothes that will not cover your ankle to show the detail in platform heeled shoes. If you prefer skirts or dresses that are short in the front and long in the back, you will not prevent the look of platform heels.
Open Toe Platforms
Open toe platform heels are among the indispensables of summer months. Open toe platform heels are very popular, especially on special occasions. The feature you need to pay attention to when choosing these models that have no color limitation is that your toenails are well-groomed. In this case, nails are used as accessory material in front of the platform heels.
And All Other Platforms
Closed toe and slightly rounded platform heels can be preferred in winter. Platform heels with long and short heel options are designed in such a way that women will never have difficulty in walking and will not disturb their body posture. When buying platform heels, they should be preferred primarily to help you stand upright and secondly to help you walk comfortably. Color and texture characteristics are a personal preference.
Platform heels are produced according to different thicknesses instead of uniforms. For this reason, people prefer products that they feel comfortable with. Short and tall people can have the freedom to choose products that can balance their height. In the new fashion platform heeled shoes models, they are also produced in the form of a patterned, jagged sole instead of flat. You can choose platform heels that suit your needs in the most suitable products for women's taste.

Women's Favorite Thin Heeled Shoes
Women's Favorite Thin Heeled Shoes

One of the products that take place in the first place in shopping for women is thin-heeled shoes. It is frequently preferred by women as it can be used with almost any style of clothing. People who want to look assertive and stylish in cocktails, ceremonies, weddings or organizations, as well as in daily style, prefer to complete their combinations with thin-heeled shoes. It is possible to count many models such as thin-heeled shoes, thick-heeled, high-heeled or low-heeled models among the wardrobes. Women who prefer to wear high-heeled shoes in order to look elegant and stylish both day and night, also want to see comfort and convenience together.

Thin-heeled shoe models are not as difficult to walk as it is thought to be, and they are a kind of appealing to the eye with their very elegant appearance. You can create a great combination with the right clothes. You can create beautiful combinations by wearing tight white trousers, a blazer jacket or a thin heeled shoe under a shirt.

Don't Combine This With Thin Heeled Shoes

One of the most common mistakes women make is the combination of thin heeled shoes with tights. Most women do not wear stiletto heels under sweatpants. Very few people wear it. However, you may not think that tracksuits or tights are the same styles. Leggings and high-heeled shoes should not be worn under a shabby chic blouse. Therefore, shoes that are combined with a skinny high or low-waisted Jean instead of wearing tights can lead to perfect looks.

It Goes Well With This Combination

Denim jackets were replaced by short and tasseled models. Western jackets with tan or white tassels are also one of the combinations that can carry thin-heeled shoes. If we talk about the mesh model thin-heeled shoe models, it is the kind that we can say that it entered our lives a few years ago. We guarantee that you will not be able to take the eyes off you when you wear it colorfully under black clothes. On the other hand, it can be preferred to revive plain dresses.

The Choice of Those Who Can't Give Up on the Classic

There are two pieces that saved women's lives. One is a black dress and the other is stiletto shoes. It can be combined with both, as well as with different models. Especially if it is a stiletto from a thin-heeled shoe model, you have no choice but to look perfect. These models have always managed to be fashionable. Shiny patent leather stilettos add elegance under a basic dress that saves the night. You can make your difference with nude heels under a low-cut lace-patterned dress. If you can't give up on your daily life, jeans add a cool look when combined with stilettos. Finally, do not forget to choose thin-heeled shoes to be the star of your business or meeting days.

Stiletto Shoes that Will Rebuild Your Style

When you think of stilettos, the first thing that comes to mind is elegance. So what is stiletto? It is the name given to shoes with thin heels and pointed toes. There are different lengths for heel lengths. There are 3 cm, 5 cm, 8 cm, 10 cm and 12 cm varieties.
How to wear stiletto shoes? We are talking about a shoe model that is really difficult to wear. When it comes to wearing stiletto shoes, there are a few things to consider. How can I combine with these shoes? Here's everything you need to know about stiletto shoes!
How Should Stiletto Shoes Be Combined?
Stilettos make everything you wear look more elegant than it is. At dinner parties, weddings or cocktails, it takes your elegance to the next level and draws attention to you.
You should carefully select each piece for your combinations. You can combine your stiletto shoes with a jean, especially if you want to look attractive in a little more sporty but stylish invitations or events.
One of the pieces that will suit the stiletto combination best is skirts. Stilettos further emphasize the elegance of your legs. Therefore, when combined correctly, you can look taller and more stylish than you are.
How to Move comfortably with Stiletto Shoe Model?
• If you are wearing stilettos for the first time, it may hurt you. For this, you can try a few thick socks at home. Wearing thick socks allows the shoes to open and you can move more comfortably.
• Stiletto is a model that narrows forward due to its structure. Therefore, your fingers may ache when you stand for a long time. To prevent this situation, you can apply cream to your feet. Remember, you should buy your shoes one size larger.
• When buying stilettos, you should pay attention to the fact that the skeleton is solid.
• Nude stiletto model can be a savior especially for people who complain about their height, as it provides integrity with the leg. It makes you look taller than you are. Therefore, color matching is very important.
• There is a situation that applies to all shoes, not just stilettos. If you use shoes suitable for your foot structure, you can move more comfortably in stilettos.
Let's Talk About the Advantages of Wearing Stilettos
You may wonder why the stiletto shoe model is so popular. Surely there are valid reasons. This style has many advantages.
• Adds a beautiful appearance and emphasizes the body.
• Reveals most of your body curves.
• Shows longer.
• It shows thinner and more elegant.
You can combine your stiletto shoes with patterned trousers. The most fashionable pieces of recent times are colorful and patterned clothes. Stiletto shoe models have kept their currency from past to present. Leather pants, jeans, mini skirts and even tracksuits… Shoes that add elegance to every combination when worn and are indispensable for people are enough to save the day.

Stiletto Is More Than A Shoe
Stiletto Is More Than A Shoe

Women know very well that the stiletto model is a lifestyle. It is an indispensable desire. It is noble, thin and elegant. Today, we will talk about what you can combine with 8 cm stilettos, although the most preferred long thin heeled stiletto models are more preferred. 8 cm stilettos can be preferred for those who cannot wear very long heels in general, but for those who cannot give up the stiletto model. Let's start by explaining how to dress.
How to Wear a Stiletto?
We are at the first step of our article, which we will read like a user manual so that stiletto, the savior of all combinations, does not hurt us. You will definitely get hurt when you stand for long periods of time. However, this will ease the pain and make it more comfortable.
• If we just bought our 8 cm stiletto shoes, it means that we will have a hard time wearing them at first. You can walk around the house by wearing thick socks to expand the never worn and hard structured shoes.
• Keep the hot part of the blow dryer inside the shoes in order to be able to move more easily in shoes with a hard structure and 8 cm stilettos. Then shape it with your hands.
• Another suggestion will be as follows. You bought the shoes with 8 cm stiletto model. However, you are looking for a way to avoid slipping and falling while walking. You can file the bottom of the shoe or draw lines with scissors.
• Especially if it is worn without socks, you can roll-on the front to prevent it from hitting.
• Standing for a long time will hurt the soles of your feet. Especially if it is platformless, you can buy foot insoles from the outside. You will feel greatly relaxed.
Stiletto and Pencil Skirt Combination
We will talk about a situation that you can combine with your 8 cm stiletto shoes. You already know that shoes take almost any dress and take it to heights. Also, you can't get enough of the results from the combination with a pencil skirt. 8 cm stilettos will create a very pleasant atmosphere when combined with a pencil skirt. You can go to work with a shirt to wear. If you wish, you can wear a denim jacket and wander around day and night without noticing. When you wear it with a stylish blouse, you can go to dinner comfortably.
Stiletto Models Can Be Addictive
If you have fallen in love once, we can say goodbye to you. So much so that your eyes will shift to this shoe model every time you shop for shoes. Platform or filling models will no longer be visible to your eyes. Especially if you love this model and are uncomfortable with long heels, you will want to go everywhere with 8 cm stilettos. You will want to have all models such as staples, stones and velvet.
You can be the embodiment of elegance, naivety and grace in 8 cm stiletto sizes. We are sure that you will glide on your toes from the moment you wear it. The awareness of the self-confidence you will experience without being aware of this will make you even more beautiful. With 8 cm stilettos, you can easily go anywhere and be the most stylish in society. Whatever you wear, this shoe will be your hero that saves the day.

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