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Aerial Platform Effect

High-heeled shoes are the most liked and admired shoe models by women. Heeled shoes are also divided into various types among themselves. There are varieties such as thin heels and platform heels. Platform heels that we will talk about today are also divided into sizes. What we will talk about will be 15 cm platform shoe models. How can you combine with 15 cm platform shoes? Is it easy to walk in 15 cm platform shoes? Let's start talking.
Of course, you can easily walk with 15 cm platform shoes. The reason it has a platform is that it can stand comfortably on high shoes. These shoes have a much higher sole than regular shoes.
Consider These When Buying Platform Shoes
Let's not forget that using the 15 cm platform shoe model may seem comfortable, but it can cause foot sprains. Therefore, you should consider some points when purchasing.
• If you want to wear high heels but cannot wear heels, 15 cm platform shoes can be a good alternative for you.
• You should prefer 15 cm platform shoes, which are produced with high quality and good workmanship. Such shoes can easily break from the ankle bands while walking.
• If you are planning to buy 15 cm platform shoes, make sure that the heel parts are easy to clean. This will give you ease of use.
• Buy comfortable shoes that fit your feet well.
• When choosing shoes, prefer to shop in the evenings. Try walking for a while, try both feet at the same time. You should definitely not ignore being comfortable.
80's Breeze
Platform heels are generally prepared in 2 categories. First category; only the front part of the sole focuses on foot load. Thus, the designs of the shoes can be diversified with a separate heel support. The other is the option of carrying the body weight completely to the soles. In these models, instead of a separate heel visually, the whole form is in question.
15 cm platform shoes seem to dominate the trend that started years ago, today and in the future. Was it always part of your style? Or are you one of those who prefer this season? The choice is always yours. There is only one point we should not discuss. It is also said that a woman who wears 15 cm platform shoes will be the most stylish and elegant person.
What to wear with 15 cm platform shoes? Of course, I can't see how stylish it can look under tight skirts or dresses. Of course, it can be worn under wide-leg trousers, which are the fashion of this year. However, there is one point you should not forget. Thin-heeled platform shoes are not used in daily life. Of course, there may be stylish places or special invitations you will go to. What we're talking about is that it shouldn't be worn when going shopping, to the cafe, or going outside to get some air.

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