What methods can I pay?

You can pay by credit card, debit card, virtual card or credit card at the door and cash on the door via our website and mobile site for national orders. For international orders you can make the payment via credit card from our website www.ayakkabiprensi.com or you can use Western Union. Please ask for Western Union Details.


For national orders:

·        Cash at the door

·        Single Shot Credit Card at the door

·        Website Credit Card/Installment available

·        Transfer/EFT


Caution: After placing an order, please remember to write the order number on your side when you make the money order/transfer.


How many shoes can I order at the same time to use the Credit Card or Cash at the door payment method?

You can place orders for up to 3 shoes to the same address for cash or credit card payment method at the door. You can make payments via bank transfer or credit card from www.ayakkabiprensi.com for orders over 3 pieces.


When will I receive the product I bought?

Since the shoes you want are 100% handmade and produced on your order, there is a 3 day production period. After the production is completed, your shoes are checked at the quality control on the same day, and then we ship your shoes. Your shoes will reach you within 3-4 days.


Sometimes but less likely, the shoes you order may be in our stock. If so, we ship your shoes the same day. So do not be surprised if your shoes reach you more quickly.


What is the shipping fee?

Shoes you order are sent free of charge to every corner of Turkey and all over the world.


How can I track the shipment?

Your tracking number will be sent to you via WhatsApp the same they your shoes are shipped.

You can also track your shoes at the Order Tracking link from www.ayakkabiprensi.com.


How can I place an order?

• For our domestic orders, please get in touch with +90 530 178 0 222 via Whatsapp

• For overseas orders, please get in touch with +90 555 193 40 41 via Whatsapp

• You can order from our website as a guest or by being a member: www.ayakkabiprensi.com


We cannot get orders from Facebook and Instagram via DM for now.



Is it safe to shop with a credit card from www.ayakkabiprensi.com?

Yes, shopping from www.ayakkabiprensi.com is 100% safe.


www.ayakkabiprensi.com has the green bar application which is the highest security system. SSL Certificates are used to ensure the security of information transmitted via 128 bit encryption.


If the card information used while shopping at www.ayakkabiprensi.com is not approved by you, it will not be recorded and certainly not visible to third parties.


The 3D Secure system is used for transactions with bank cards. 3D Secure is an authentication system developed by card issuers to ensure the security of online purchases.





What can I do if my 15-day refund is over?

According to the Distance Sales Agreement, the period of returning a product purchased via internet or mobile lines is 15 days. Unfortunately, non-returnable products will not be accepted during this time, but the products we ship will be returned with a shipping charge.


The cargo company did not come to get a refund and what can I do about it?

The day starts on the day you receive the product for 15 days from the cargo.

You can request a courier at your address by calling Aras Cargo Call Center.

Cargo companies are organizing the courier operation on a daily basis and you need to request a courier on a daily basis for your product submissions.


If you have notified your cargo company of your courier request and the cargo company did not come to pick up your cargo within that day, you should inform your request again the next day.


Could you inform us about return?

Since our shoes are specially produced for your order, you need to carry out your return within 15 days from the day your shoes arrive to you. Your shoes shall not be worn or damaged or used in anyway.
Return address: Egemenlik neighborhood 6109 street no: 17 Bornova / İZMİR


When will I deliver the products / products I receive?

By Aras Kargo:

Weekdays 09: 00-18: 00

Delivery is on Saturday from 09:00 to 13:00.

No delivery on Sunday.



The order came when I was not at my address and what can I do about it?


If you are not at your shipping address, leave a note stating that you can get your package from your location.


If you do not receive your package within 3 days from the specified branch, your order will be returned to Ayakkabi Prensi.


If you want the shark to be returned to the Shoe Principle again, you can contact us from the following channels.

Customer service: 0 850 441 41 46

Whatsapp support line: 0 553 163 63 35

From the contact section at the bottom of our site


You can find out your cargo from 'Where is my Shoe?” link on 'My Orders' page.



What should I pay attention to during delivery?

Always open your orders next to your cargo officer.

Important: You can only open the shipment after the payment according to the cargo firm principals.

After you've done your payment, you can open it next to your cargo officer for control.


If the package contents are missing or incorrect if there is damage to the cargo bag or product:

1. Never take delivery of the cargos.

2. Keep cargo officer "Damage Detection Minute".

3. Return the product / box to the Shoe Principle with this record and invoice.

4. Contact us through the following communication channels related to the situation.

Customer Service: 0 850 441 41 46

WhatsApp Support Hotline: +90 553 163 63 35

From the contact section at the bottom of our site

If you have not opened the product next to your cargo officer, please send us your request, along with a detailed description of the situation and a few photos, from the above communication channels. The Expert Customer Adviser will review your claim and will return as soon as possible.



Do you have overseas sales? How is the delivery made? How long does it take my shoes to arrive?

We ship to all over the world for free with DHL. DHL offers 1 to 6 days delivery. Thanks to DHL, do not be surprised if your shoes reach you earlier.


Overseas payments can be made by credit card from our internet site.

Please ask for other options.


How is the return done?

• Products must be unused and undamaged.

• In 15 days, if you send us your invoice, we will send you your invoice within 15 working days to your account number.

• If the order name and return number do not match the name, the process may be extended. Extra information may be requested from you.

• Returns and exchanges are not available for campaign products.


• After you return the shoes, the shipping code can be requested from you if necessary. Save your shipment code.

• If the products reach us in a used, worn, washed, we may have to send it back to you. In this case, the fee is not returned.

• www.ayakkabiprensi.com pays for the purchase of installments to the bank in one go. The Bank will refund this amount in the amount of installments of your credit card per month. For example; If you buy our product in 3 installments, the return is completed in 3 months.

• As we manufacture your shoes special to you, if you want to cancel the product, please do in the same day you ordered it. Otherwise it will be manufactured and be our loss. We love you and we are always with you. Please care about us too.



What is the Whatsapp working hours?

Weekdays and Saturdays: 10: 00-20: 00

On Sundays you can place your orders through Whatsapp. Your order will be placed on Monday and you will be informed.


Please keep in mind that you will have to wait until the reply is answered. We are serving a lot of customers like yourself and we need to make a queue among. Your messages will be replied. Please just be patient.