About Us

We have a message for you:

Since 1950, with the 68 years of experience we are working with masters who have sovereignty over craftsmanship on shoe making.

We made the anatomy of shoes our expertise by dedicating ourselves for generations.

5 years ago in 2013 we created the our Brand, Ayakkabı Prensi, with the vision to be a Lovemark all over the world.

We are working hard to serve you in the best way it can be done.

We are working hard to create shoes reflecting your life style, your stance in life, and your freedom.

We are working hard to make every shoe you touch in the highest quality by using the best raw materials and high level of craftsmanship.

Our highest aim is to show you that we are the brand always standing next to all the women who can cry out their freedom.

Whichever model you choose among our 2000 shoe models, they will be the ones you wear in joy, love, and harmony.


Ayakkabı Prensi Founders